Pixel Size after atmospheric correction = 1x1m?! Why?

Why is the Pixel size (spatial resolution) after atmosperhic correction with sen2cor
1x1 and not 10x10 or 20x20…?!

I performed atm. correction of Sentonel 2 data with sen2Cor plugin in SNAP. The bands have a resolution of 10, 20 or 60m.
But the resulting bands have a pixel size of 1x1 m, not according to the input files or to the specification in the sen2cor window (10, 20 or 60 m resolution).
This appears also, when the atm. correction is started with cmd line.

Any suggestions are very welcome!


Dear Barbara,

Could you please clarify this issue adding more info? This will help us to understand your problem and answer to you properly.

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Hi Barbara,

I think I found the answer here: Sen2Corr messes up georeference.

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Hi! You need to resample the data, you can not directly use the output of
atmospheric correction in ArcGIS. After resampling your data should be in
right resolution and have spatial reference!

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