Pleiades-1B Product Reader Problem

Hi all!

I’m having troubles with opening a recent Pleiades-1B product in SNAP. I try to open the file VOL_PHR.XML, but I cannot see it in SNAP - Open Product dialog when I choose the Pleiades Data Products. If I try to open the ZIP with the product, I get to No appropriate reader found error. If I try just to open the VOL_PHR.XML, nothing happens.
I still can use TIFFs directly, but it would be better to open the whole product as expected…
Probably, the Pleiades product reader might need an update?

here is the text from error log when I just try to open the XML file:

Thanks beforehand!

Yes, the reader needs an update, it was also reported here

There is a ticket (already solved) that will be included in the next updates.

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