Polarimetric analysis


Can polarimetric analysis perfomed over sentinel 1 SLC / GRD data?

If so please let me know the processing steps to be followed for each or either kind of data set (SLC / GRD)…!

Thank you…

only with SLC data and only to a limited amount because Sentinel-1 only has 2 polarisations:

Please see here for further explanation:


Do I need to perform the following steps for polarimetric analysis from S1-SLC dual pol data.?

1 TOPSAR Deburst
2 Calibration to Sigma0
3 Speckle filtering
4 Range Doppler Terrain Correction

please let me know from scratch what are the steps to be performed for a S1-SLC data for polarimetric analysis.

I would like to perform the analysis for my study area which exists only in IW2 swath. how could I extract the study area portion as a SLC output product for polarimetric analysis?

you need the complex information, so no calibration to Sigma0 must be performed (there is a checkbox for complex calibration).

Polarimetric analysis is very complex, there is no general workflow. Totally depends on what you want to analyze.

NRC published a nice tutorial on PolSAR: