PolsarPro imported data problem

Hi all,

after the import of a T3 matrix of ALOS1 full pol data from PolsarPro, all the bands appear, but when trying to do (for example) a polarimetric decomposition, i get the error from SNAP that this is not SAR data. Any help?


just a question: Why not calculating the T3 matrix in SNAP from the original product?

Thanks for your quick reply.

Because geocoding of the T3 matrix from ALOS1 data (in my opinion) is working best with polsarpro 5.04 (i think the integrated asf mapready is doing a correct job here), it gives me an error message with polsarpro 5.1 beta and i got strange results when doing this with SNAP. So my plan was to import the correctly geocoded T3 matrix from polsarpro and to do the rest with SNAP.

I see…
I don’t have an answer then. Maybe the metadata isn’t imported correctly (or available to SNAP)

Could you provide the geocoded T3?

What other processing do you want to apply to the geocoded product? Usually the geocoding is done last because it’s generally easier to work with the non-geocoded raster.

Is there a server where i can upload the T3 matrix (400mb) from Polsarpro? Thanks.

My general problem is, that i like to do all the processing with SNAP but the geocoding is giving me bad results (exporting the kml file to google earth), see my first answer to ABraun. I would like to do decomposition and pol. classification.

Hello @ABraun sir,

I am miserably failing to import data in PolSARpro. :expressionless: I have tried to do it in different ways.
In SNAP: Exporting the file to polsar format so the format has bin +hdr files.

Then in PolaSARpro Bio, I do the following:
The main directory is the folder that contains the following main directory files

Then I click on Import>spaceborne sensors> sentinel 1>unzipped and it shows the following error.

Screenshot 2020-10-12 124911

Or sometimes it says

fatal error

and PolSAR pro application rolls back and closes. I did change the polar type from DUAL to PP2 as I saw in a video but no use.

Eagerly waiting for help. Thankyou in advance

As I said, preprocessing in SNAP brings many potential error sources. Have you checked how it is done in the Youtube tutorial?

Otherwise I recommend to work with PolSARpro from the beginning.

Yes sir, In the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q79fQq9tTBg&ab_channel=MrGIS Polar type is changed from DUAL to PP2 (I don’t know what it is ) and import from RAW Binary Input data. But I thought it made sense if I want to import from spaceborne sensor. I guess I was wrong.

Also, I didn’t get much tutorial or user manual for preprocesing in PolSARpro so I preferred to do it on SNAP. If you are aware of some material, please share.

Thankyou sir!

sure, please check these instructions here on how to load S1 data into PolSARpro: Help installing PolSARpro software step by step on detailed on the windows 7 system

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