PolSarpro v5 isssue to link other software like gimp, adobe acrobate

  1. I have already installed (PolSARpro v05) and linked the supporting software’s like- Adobe acrobat reader , with PolSARpro_v05, but the whenever i go to open the help files or lecture notes, it is asking to install adobe reader again and if i install it again it shows the same massage again and again . what should i do?

  2. When i applied freeman 3 component decomposition. In the time of processing suddenly it asked to install gimp-2.8.10 (already installed), if i install it, again it shows the same.

In case if i skip the installation of Gimp this error massage is displaying…


it’s not about installation itself, but PolSARpro needs to know where Adobe/GIMP ect was installed. Please have a look at this explanation here: Help installing PolSARpro software step by step on detailed on the windows 7 system

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Thank you so much for your reply @ABraun
Actually the supporting softwares (Adobe/GIMP) are already linked, still the pdf files are not opening.


Now, I have installed PolSARpro v6.0 Biomass edition because this version allows to reset the configuration link as you have mentioned in your comment. Now in case of opening the pdf, every time it is just showing that the pdf reader is under construction.

Kindly see the following screenshot, and plz suggest me what to do…plz




The answer is very simple.
We have not provided in this version any help files or tutorial / lectures notes.
Up to the previous version (v5.1) all this material was included inside the PolSARpro package and its size was increasing dramatically.
We are now working on a new and original educational package which will be linked to the next version of PolSARpro