Precise orbits problem

Dear colleagues,
since yesterday I face problems with accessing orbital files via ApplyOrbitFile.
Any ideas what the problem could be?


or may be it needs SNAP 8.0? The screenshot is made within SNAP 7.0

Orbit file timeout (March 2021) - s1tbx - STEP Forum (

There’s a whole thread around this unfortunate issue…

What is the solution for now? Is there will an update for the SNAP 7.0?

Or may short info how to put correct orbit at the right place in the filesystem structure.

solution is not there yet… fixes will probably be for V8 only.

Perhaps someone else can help with the filestructure! @lveci or @ABraun?

I see only one line change in the v.7 of the SNAP. This version should be in use for some time on.

SNAP version 7 is not supported. The change of orbit access points is fixed in SNAP v8 with latest updates installed.

@mengdahl Sorry, but I had the idea that v7.0 shall be supported for some time now.

That is not the case - every new version contains bugfixes and improvements that are not done for the earlier versions.

ОК. It will be accounted.