Problem RADtoREF

Hi guys! I’m working on some landsat images but their values are only about radiance (I need reflectance)… I tried the function Radiance-to-Reflectance but in return I have only errors.
Someone help me please…thans guys

In Landsat only raw values are stored. In the metadata are coefficients given to compute radiance or reflectance values. By default we provide the radiances. You can set a property to get the reflectances.
I’ve explained how to do it in this post:

Good Morning and thank you for the answer…
can You please explain how to do these steps precisely?

  1. in this folder create a file (what kind of file?) named
    2)To this file add the follwoing line: s3tbx.landsat.readAs=reflectance

Thank you very much, sorry but I am not so used to this program.

Just a plain text file with the name. And it should contain this line.

See that is what I found in that folder…Is it the same if I create a new folder and inside that the text file? (because I can’t create a text file directly…I’m only allowed to create a new folder)

Thank you very much!!!

You need to create this file with admin rights.
But you can also do it in


There you can create the file without admin rights. Maybe it already exists.

Yes, the folder already exists but the name is ‘’… is it the same? or do I create a new one?

No, create a new one.
The file is for the Sentinel-2 Toolbox and the for the Sentinel-3 Toolbox.