Problem with Coastal applications of Sentinel-2 image


I am graduate student and I want to use Sentinel-2 images to predict harmful algal blooms in coastal regions in Korea.

However, I have some severe problem in processing images.
The stripes in ocean water make discrepancy between granule lines.

I also posted image I have. EOsupport team replied that this is results from forward and reverse detection and because of sun glint.

The main question is that ‘How can I remove these lines from image? calibrating whole images.’

plz help me!


Can you give some details on the product? Product name, band combination, etc.

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Dear JanWev

Thank you for reply!

The product name is

and band combination is not important. The effect is from sun glint, and I am trying to find way to remove the Sun effect.


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yong sung

Maybe this is of interest for you:

Maybe some additional information on the side. The current camera footprints do not match exactly the location of the effects that you are seeing. For any possible solution, the correct camera footprints would help. These will be improved and included in future updates to the S2 processing baseline. But this will take some time, i guess.