Problems extracting the pixel values from a Level 1 image processed with the iCOR

I´m with problems in extracting the pixels values from the OLCI Level 1 image processed with the iCOR. It appears everything ok when I extract the data and then the file with the data doen´t exist. Any one have also problems with this?

I assume you are using “Extract Pixel Values”, right? If you are working with only one scene, you could use the pins to extract values from several locations (Pin Manager and Pin + tools).

Yes I´m using the “Extract Pixel Values”. I have used it before with just one or more scenes and I never have this problem before just now that I’m processing the OLCI Level 1 images with the iCOR processor.

Maybe something went wrong with the iCOR processing.

Vito and I are already investing this. But it will take some time till it is fixed.

Must ICOR be installed on Disk C