Processing chain of InSAR

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I am going to monitor earthquake using InSAR technique, S1 images, and SNAP software. I followed the following structure to get the results. Could anybody please tell me that this flowchart is correct to do?

In addition, I got some interferograms and now, I need to make a velocity map for my case study. To do the unwrapping process, I would like to use the following document made by UAF. Could you please let me know this document is true to do?

insar_phase_unwrapping_v7.pdf (2.3 MB)

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Dear @SMJ.Mirzadeh This topic is duplicated many times, and it is excessively discussed in many previous posts, There is no need to create a new topic, for instance,


I guess it could be fine to use the UAF manual. Please check that your graph introduces already the TerrainCorrection operation, and in the UAF manual they do that after unwrapping and not before.

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Thanks for your hint about Terrain Correction and unwrapping steps.

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Though it is not mandatory, I would advise to Multilook your interferogram. It will greatly improve the computation time but also gives a better estimate of the phase value (statistically), with in fine a reduced standard deviation of the displacement.