Product zip files requested from LTA corrupt


I need several products from LTA, so like many others before me I’m requesting them one at a time. My Python script, using sentinelsat, triggers retrieval from archives, then downloads the product when it becomes available.

This scheme seemed to work just fine. However, some downloaded zipped products cannot be extracted, as zip file is reported to be corrupt, even though sentinelsat MD5 checksum is correct. This has never happened before to me.

Update: I found this at sentinelsat github: Corrupt zip file #427

Seems like it is an ongoing issue. I’d appreciate any updates on the matter.


What sort of updates are you expecting from this community?

Just to be clear, this forum is about SNAP not sentinelsat. This forum is also not an official channel of the Copernicus Programme. Apart someone in the community that may provide second hand feedback you shouldn’t expect to find here any direct replies to your problems.

I should not have posted in this subforum, my bad. If your are a moderator, feel free to move or delete this thread. But just to be clear too, these are a few other threads where LTA downloads and/or Sentinelsat were discussed in this forums.

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:slight_smile: which is perfectly ok - assuming they are done in the correct place - I am just attempting to manage expectations. If you ask a question about SNAP or the Toolboxes you would have lots of people that could reply, if you ask about something like LTA downloads via a third-party tool expect much less.