Proposition of a step by step tuto to install Sen2cor on Ubuntu VM 16.10


Actually I did not try file.bat, but It works for me.

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Dear insight,

by saying “For the test of sen2cor we will not set all the variables, but just three of them:” do you mean that, in reality we need to set more parameters? If yes, could you please offer some guide?

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Hi Cpqiu,
Atmospheric correction is a complex processus and maybe your area of interest is complex in term of climate or aerosol dissemination… If your needs is very specifical you can tune very finely the software.
In this case we would to start an automatic way to produce L2A data and we just set basic parameters for our AOI (New Caledonia).


Hi lhuerta,

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As I imagine, a lot parameters are involved in this process. The quality depends on the parameters. And there is no general rule to set these parameters for all cities. Do you agree?

I guess, if some of the paramters are unproperly set, the quality may be totally wrong. Do you think so?

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Yes but you can leave default parameters if you don’t work on special subject.
You just have to set right parameters for CPU /RAM ( 4 Gb of ram for each CPU core).
If you explain your needs i can hekp you more precisely for the settings of sen2cor.


Thanks a lot for your information.
I will use the processed image for classification. Do you think there are parameters which we should pay much attention on?


For classification there is no specific tuning, it’s (relative)) classical use of imagery…
Where is your AOI ?
Note you can use another very good software for atmospheric correction ( For s2 and L8), it called MAJA and it is developed by CNES and CESBIO in France. If you have problem with cloud and shadows it is very powerfull solution. Check the github for more infos…


My AOI is not one city, but many cities.
Actually, I am not sure, processed image will necessarily provide better results, are you sure?
I heard of this software. I will probably use this later. But I was told it can only be used at the end of this year.
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Not necessarily better results (it depends of your AOI, and your classification process…) but repeatability.
In many case it is better to do atmospheric correction before classification.
MAJA is already operationnal., but sen2cor is good to.


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Hi @cpqiu,
@lhuerta is right, MAJA is available (
Data processed over 700 tiles are also available in real time in


Thank you for the information.