PS : create pair of images

I am blocked from the beginning.
I want follow all the instructions quoted by Katrine, I encountered problems for the first step!!! (1/ S-1 images: Split and Apply_Orbit_File. Split is done individually for each image because number of bursts covering the study area vary from image to image and you have to adjust this procedure manually. No batch processing can be used at this step. Apply orbit can be done using batch processing.)
I don’t know how can I coregistre the pair of images. So, I have 16 SLC images taken from March 2015 to May 2018. all of them were in the same orbite and they have the same orbit number 118.
for the first attempt I followed this steps :

after I tried with Radar /Coregistration /S1 TOPS Coregistration /S1 TOPS Coregistration.
✓In the Read tab I selected the image of 2017/11/14 This will be the master image.
✓ In the Read (2) tab I selected the second image. It will be the slave image 2017/03/07.
✓ In the two TOPSAR-Split tabs, I selected subswath IW2 and the VV band.
✓ In both Apply-Orbit-File tabs, select Orbits: Sentinel Precise. Orbit auxiliary data contain information about the position of the satellite during the acquisition of SAR data.
✓ In the Back-Geocoding tab,I left the default settings.
✓ In the Write tab, I specified the output folder and the name of the target product.
✓I Clicked on RUN to start the coregistration process.
this error message is shone:

again I tried with Split for each image using S1 TOPS Split
when i want oped the result of this split this error messages is shone

please can you help me?

Dear @rajahabiballah,

in order to select the right bursts from multiple images where the burst number changes every time, it is possible to do this by using a ROI (region on interest) polygon. As far as I know this is just possible using snappy and therefore an automated processing is available . Please have a look here, in this summary the step you are struggling with is explained in detail.

Good luck!

actually, Back Geocoding should work if you already applied TOPS Split and Deburst

“data buffer” and “GC overhead limit” indicate that you don’t have enough processing capacities and need more memory.

You need bettre computer performances,

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