Question about SEN2COR atmospheric correction

Hi, my name is Edoardo and i am doing my master thesis using Sentinel 2 data. I used sen2cor for atmospheric corrections, but when i check informations about BOA data on the map, the result is an integer numer, so i suppose that it is not correct, because i should see a decimal number value. Can anyone help me about it? Thank you.

The values in the second picture are the reflectance (0-1) * 10.000

This is part of the answer:

This means that the data is basically stored as an integer (0-5000 or something) but in SNAP it is interpreted as reflectance (float values between 0-1) using the available metadata.

If you want to export it you need the corresponding quantification value (1.000 in the past, 10.000 now). So dividing your data by 10.000 should be the solution.