Radiometric conversion of sentinel 2 images

Hi Adhwa,
sen2cor is a plugin designed for transforming Sentinel-2 MSI data on L1C (Top-of-atmosphere (TOA) reflectance) to L2A (Bottom-of-atmosphere (BOA) reflectance). So, when you want to perform atmospheric correction to the Sentinel-2 data in sen2cor, you don’t have to transform it to TOA radiance first. So, basically, you just have to input the image file and let the plugin works.

A different steps is required when you want to perform atmospheric correction with another algorithm (e.g. FLAASH, which is built-in in commercial software such as ENVI). As the algorithm needs TOA radiance data as the input, you have to tranform the data first, which is from TOA reflectance to TOA radiance, using equation given by Igor above (also see Distance of Earth-Sun). Performing atmospheric correction (e.g. FLAASH) allows you to have Surface reflectance data as the output.