Region Growing Algorithm

I am looking for a region growing algorithm or tool which can refine the thresholding done over a SAR image

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could you please explain a bit more what you are trying to achieve?

I have used thresholding technique to extract pixels with water or water-like backscatter. To avoid under detection, i want to apply a region growing approach to the pixels obtained from the thresholding.

I don’t think SNAP is able to do that, sorry.

What about the generic region merging processor ?

It currently makes image segmentations according to selected parameters, but they are not ready for use yet because the pixel objects are only represented by pixels of the same raster value (ongoing numbers) which are not related to the underlying image information.
Please have a look here: Segmentation and Classification

Maybe one day this will be extended in a way that polygons are created which contain statistics on the image objects.

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May i know what alternative did you use to perform region growing algorithm to delineate the water bodies?

I only applied a thresholding and change detection method with Sentinel - 1GRD images. Thresholding works fine if you’re only looking to delineate water bodies or open ground flooding.

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have you know what aplication to process region growing algorithm?