Resampling in SNAP Desktop and snappy


Does resampling work the same way in SNAP desktop and snappy? Result i am getting with “mean” in resampling is different, while Desktop version gives expected results, resampling through snappy gives wrong results. Seems like NaN pixel handling is a little different in desktop and snappy side.
Do you know anything about this?
I am using SNAP 5.0.6 desktop/engine on ubuntu 16.04 LTS.


did you chose the same method (nearest, bilinear, bicubic…) both times? This can make a difference, besides the NaN values.

There is an issue in snappy that it sometimes does not use the updated modules. This has been discovered just a few days ago.

For the handling of NaN an update has been shipped in version 5.0.4 or 5.0.5.
This is where the discrepancy comes from.

What I am doing is taking mean-@ABraun same for both- while downsampling, which gives somewhat of a fraction to me. It works perfectly fine on desktop -@marpet that fix of NaN from 5.0.4 5.0.5 helped a lot! It opened the ways for my needs which wasnt working properly before.-
but resampling through snappy doesn’t give the same results as it is in desktop.
Values are [0, 1] in desktop but {0.1} in snappy. I will investigate more and report here if I can or cannot find the problem.


The problem is already fixed, or it will be with the next release.
As a dirty patch you can try to exchange the in the snappy folder. (14.5 KB)

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Is there a known date for SNAP 6.0 at the moment? Dirty patching unfortunately didn’t help with my problem. It is expected to be released in late June as I know but how much delay would there be? I am trying to figure out if when can I set my processing if it gets fixed with SNAP 6.0.

Should come this month.

Thank you,