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I’am trying to export band 11 which has a spectral resolution of 20 m and want to merge with a 10m resolution bands (2,3,4 and 8) and stack them all together.

Although there is an option when we load the sentinel 2 images in the SNAP tool box initially that allows to choose the native resolution or resample all bands to 10m, but when I choose that option and export the bands from SNAP tool box as a BEAM DIMAP format, I have found that the spectral resolution of band 11 still remains 20m, but does not change to 10m.

Has anyone had similar problem? and is there any other way where I can resample the 20m-band 11 to 10m and merge with other bands(2,3,4,8) to enjoy the SWIR reflectance

Any suggestions please


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I am facing the same problem. I tried to resample band 6 to 10 m and it’s not working

Were you able to solve this problem?


this is resampling not pan-sharpening method. It means you have 10m spatial resolution but pixel which had 20m resolution earlier (in your case is band 6) is divided on 4 pixels with reolutions 10m but with the same values of grey.
If in SNAP choose resampling method Nearest Neighbour you obtain square pixels but when you change to method bilinear or cubic pixels are smoothed


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I didn’t realize that I might have been measuring two pixels. It makes absolutely sense now.
Thank you very much, you made my day as well!