S-1 TOPS Coregistration error


I am trying to follow the S1TBX TOPSAR Interferometry with Sentinel-1 Tutorial in order to process the interferogram of two S1 SLC IW images. However at the step of S-1 TOPS Coregistration I get the following error “GC overhead limit exceeded” (please see the image bellow).
Could you please help me to fix this problem and get the interferogram?

Thank you very much.

This probably indicates that you don’t have enough memory. How much RAM do you have?
Have a look at this post :

It tells you how to tweak the memory setttings.

I met problem to backgeocoding six images in snap6.0.After backgeocoding everything were empty except master one.i don’t known where is wrong .i check the split bursts in earth,all the same.can help me ,much thanks.@marpet

I have no idea. But you are getting already help in this thread

Probably @lveci can have a look.