S1 tile in QGIS: Zero values


After cropping an Sentinel-1, GRD-IW tile and applying common pre-processing steps (Orbit Correction, calibration … train correction) on it, I want to export the final result as a GeoTiff file and then read it with QGIS for other purposes.

I can read the .tif file without problem and overlay it on top of other possible layers (in this case a Sentinel-2 image) .

I wonder, what is the best way to replace those zero (black) values in a way that they become transparent (which means that Instead of a black rectangle containing the tile subset, I rather see the underlying Sentinel-2 pixels)

In particular, the question is that is there an option in SNAP during the export procedure where I can indicate that all zero values to be saved as “nan” so that I can make them transparent in QGIS?

I would appreciate any hint in this regards

you can define a transparent value in the layer properties of the raster in QGIS. If you enter the black value here it will become transparent and handled as “no data”.

Besides that, there is not need to export it as a tif file. you can directly open the img file (inside the .data folder) of any geocoded SNAP product in QGIS.

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Thanks ABraun, you are completely right in both cases. Instead of exporting data one can simply use different bands of the precedence step.