S1 TOPS Merge bursts

Hi ,everyone
i want to merge busrts from different frame but same path,like this:
i already try it by "TOPSAR Merge”, but it doesn’t work…

Can someone help me?


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I think it is possible to process each of them separately split and apply orbit and then try up to merge them

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Please use the slice assembly operator. It is created specifically for that.
TOPSAR-Merge is for merging subswaths (IWs) that belong to the same TOPSAR image…


Thank you very much!
My problem has been solved!

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thank you,
i has solved the quetion by the method provided by @mdelgado

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as a fresh hand in InSAR, I am very grateful for your help.
and I will continue to consult with you in the future.

I want to use DInSAR for land subsidence. I need sentinel-1 images from 2015 up to now. Is it possible to use images with same path and different frames in SNAP? because there is a gap in images that belong to path 101 and frame 121 that covers my interest area, and there is no image from the last month of 2015 to the last month of 2016.
thanks so much

Take a look at this post, it has an answer to your question,

thanks so much for your answer. which operator I need to use for this purpose in SNAP?

Take a look at this post please,

Sentinel-1 A SLC products downloded from ASF
The processing chain went as following.

Each written file is an interferogram formed of three bursts, one has bursts No. 1,2,3 and the other has bursts No, 4,5,6 from the same sub-swath. I put both files in S-1 TOPS Slice Assembly Operator and this error popped up

I there a work around ? Because unlike processing three bursts at a time which takes roughly 30 minutes, Processing a whole subswath takes up to 10 hours if it doesn’t crash the system