S1tbx - export ascii file

hello everyone,
i want to export the vertical displecements that i have computed using two different sentinel 1 images in an ascii file with the format “lon lat dat” but I an’t find how to do it. I tried the export to csv option but I just get the computed dispacement for each pixel, no information about the coordinates.

There are two ways you can achieve this.
Create a mask for your region and the right click on the image view and select “Export Mask Pixels”, select the just created mask. Usually ‘geometry’. And then write it to a file. Maybe select to write the header.
The other option is to create specific Lat and Lon bands via Band Maths.
I’ve explained it here: Export math band + lat-lon for each pixel
Then you can export the data via File / Export /CSV

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I used the second option. Thank you very much !!!