SBAS connection graph

Dear software developers,

I have seen in SNAP V5 that we can export SBAS/PSI to Stamps software that is a very good idea.
But there is a leakage in this idea which is how we provide interferograms and by which criteria we select the pairs for building interferogams.
I think if you provide a tools for providing connection graph according the interested parameters and if we can use this connection graph for processing the image pairs … it would be useful.

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we discussed the proceeding in another topic:

Here you will find answers on what exactly is needed for the export module. If you have questions it would be better to ask there because some users with experience read and contribute in this topic.

Some more information is provided in the SNAP help:

Please note that currently, only persistent scatterer interferometry is supported and the small baseline approach is not yet included.

Dear software developers,

I;m currently working on SBAS processing to create land subsidence map. Can you show me the SBAS graph on SNAP v6, please? It would be very helpful.

Thank you

Hi @an_nisa3

Would you please to take a look at the last manual version of StaMPS, below you could find a link, SBAS technique is detailed explained,

Also a very nice instruction has been done by our colleague in here,

SBAS is implemented in StaMPS but the preparation of multi-pair interferograms in SNAP is still a challenge and there is no ready workflow yet. But some ideas were discussed here: Coregistrating more than two Sentinel-1 SLC IW products

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I really appreciate it. Thank you

Any idea in case the new upcoming SNAP release (I read something, it’ll be released in next May!), does it support SBAS?

SNAP 7 will not support it but support will probably come next year.

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Thanks for the information.