Segmentation on SNAP

Hello everybody

I want to do a segmentation for a sentinel-2 image on SNAP.

I’m working with SNAP 5.0.

Hope you can help me.


segmentation can be done in SNAP using the external OTB adapters - please see here:

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Thank you very much for your answer ABraum.

Hello everybody,

I installed the plugin OTB tools and everything is fine
But I can not find it in Manage External Tools ???

Anyone can help me please ??

did this step work?

Hi ABraun ,

Yes all is well, the plugin is correctly installed

But I cant find the plugin in the SNAP tools.

you are right. Mine are gone as well. It used to work with SNAP 4.x but there may be incompatibilities with SNAP 5.0

You can ask for an update in the other topic.

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OK thanks a lot ABraum.

a temporary solution has been suggested but didn’t work for me by now.

Have you tried to reinstall the OTB Adaptor after creating the ‘java’ folder? I think then it should work.

yes, also restarted several times. But I’ll try again.

Probably it is better to remove the java entry in the snap.clusters file which is located in the etc folder.

thank you for the suggestion. Although the installation of the plugin seems to be fine, I can’t find it anymore under SNAP 5.0. Tested on 2 computers.

But for me it’s no problem to wait for the update.

Hello everybody,

I have the same problem as ARraum.

Is this problem will be resolved with the new version of SNAP ???

According to the original post, yes.

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Happily I am still working with SNAP 4 but I get following errors when I try to initialise the segmentation:

Any ideas? Looks like some kind of environment variable related issue…


You need to go to Tools/Manage External Tools and select the OTB adapter there and click Edit. In the dialog which will open you can configure the variables.

Hello everybody,

I installed the plugin OTB tools and everything is fine
But when executing the segmentation tool I get the following error

So there is a problem with external tools, could someone tell me how to configure external tools?

thank you in advance


I think this is related to this other issue that you have just reported:

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