Sen2cor 2.3.1 processing error

yes. the other error was related to the fact that i already had a half-processed .SAFE file and i didn’t want to get off-topic

I met the same issue. Did you solve this problem and process the data successfully?

I met the same problem as @ferdywallinx, I tried different ways and the python is under anaconda version, but it still persists. It seems that the the numpy was installed in C:\python2.7\lib\site-packages by defualt. Is that the reason?

the python directory should actually be found by sen2cor alone.

Only if you explicitly type pip install --target c:\python-2.7\Lib\site-packages numpy it will be installed there of course.

Do you have a python installation in c:\python27 as well?

Yes. I changed the environment variables but it still points to this directory when I pip install numpy. How should I change it?
Thank you!

You can tell pip where to install the packages, as shown above. Just enter the path to the anaconda installation

I reinstalled anaconda and installed numpy 1.11.3 in anaconda. But it still does not work. :confused:

is there a chance to uninstall the other python installation in c:\python27?

did you install numpy, scipy and matplotlib all from the website that ABraun linked to? All packages should first be uninstalled, then the wheel downloaded and then this wheel should be installed in the site-packages directory of your working environment.

I uninstalled the python installation in c:\python 27, and reinstalled the sen2cor, and reinstalled numpy, scipy, matplotlib (uninstall first), then it worked. Thank you so much!!

Good to hear!