Sen2Cor atmospheric correction error

I am trying atmospheric correction using Sen2Cor 280 but it is not showing any output.

this is a kown thing, you have probably not completed the installation. Please go through these steps here: Sen2cor (detailled instructions)

You have to install both the plugin and the bundle.

yeah i have installed it correctly. i am getting this error

I am trying to get NDVI through sentinel 2 L1C product, is it necessary to convert L1C product to L2A product to get NDVI values ?

In case you’re comparing many datase, so it’s necessary to convert all, however in case only one tile for one date it’s not compulsory.

To run the sen2cor the standalone se2cor should be install as well

Please have a look at the following post,

Source of the post

based on your screenshot, you have created a subset of your S2 product (which is actually not possible without running the S2 Resampling operator first).

sen2cor is made for raw L1C products. So please try to run it on the data you downloaded and extracted (without any other pre-processing).

@falahfakhri i have time series data of sentinel 2 , more than 40 data’s i am having. Is it correct without applying atmospheric correction to get NDVI values as i am getting errors while applying atmospheric correction in Sen2Cor.

@falahfakhri i think i have installed it correctly…please have a look at these screenshots

@ABraun i have applied correction to L1C raw data and getting the same issues!!
I am here attaching the screenshots of the errors that i am getting

20191121_082843|666x500 20191121_083919|666x500

sorry, this java error does not say much to me. Did you extract the downloaded package first?

yeah i have extracted the product properly and also re-installed the Sen2Cor plugin after following the detailed instruction but getting the same error.

In this case working with time series of dataset, the first and foremost process should be done is, to normalize all the data, means that all the S2 tiles are compatible, in other words the Atmospheric effects should be removed, by apply Atmospheric Corrections AC using sen2core for instance.

Concerning the error, as I mentioned in my previous post, applying sen2cor in SNAP, should standalone sen2cor 2.0.8 installed,

I think there is no problem with the plugin installing itself, because the plugin runs normally, Would you please to try up two things, the first one try to apply for all bands, by selecting all,

The second matter, would you please to share your machine characteristics, RAM, Processor,

@falahfakhri i have tried selecting all bands and getting the same metadata file can not be read error.

Thank you for your help @falahfakhri and @ABraun.

@ABraun @falahfakhri so the Sen2Cor is finally worked for my case for the same 2017 sentinel 2 image, But the version of sen2cor that worked is Sen2Cor 255 and not the Sen2Cor 280 may be you can tell me the reason for that.

I can’t tell from this screenshot, sorry. Do you get an error message for version 2.8?