Sen2Cor does not process 10m bands


I am having trouble getting Sen2Cor to fully work. I’m calling it like this:

L2A_Process /S2A_MSIL1C_20170414T003551_N0204_R016_T54HVH_20170414T003551.SAFE

The 60m and 20m bands process fine, but when it starts the atmospheric correction for the 10m bands, it simply does not do it, but does not return any kind of error. The log looks like this:

Progress[%]: 22.33 : PID-57, L2A_ProcessTile: processing with resolution 10 m, elapsed time[s]: 0.607
Progress[%]: 22.33 : PID-57, L2A_ProcessTile: start of pre processing, elapsed time[s]: 0.001
Progress[%]: 22.34 : PID-57, L2A_Tables: start import, elapsed time[s]: 0.130
Progress[%]: 22.54 : PID-57, L2A_Tables: band B02 imported, elapsed time[s]: 5.207
Progress[%]: 22.75 : PID-57, L2A_Tables: band B03 imported, elapsed time[s]: 5.294
Progress[%]: 22.96 : PID-57, L2A_Tables: band B04 imported, elapsed time[s]: 5.348
Progress[%]: 23.17 : PID-57, L2A_Tables: band B08 imported, elapsed time[s]: 5.402
Progress[%]: 23.93 : PID-57, L2A_Tables: band AOT imported, elapsed time[s]: 19.501
Progress[%]: 24.88 : PID-57, L2A_Tables: band WVP imported, elapsed time[s]: 23.978
Progress[%]: 25.88 : PID-57, L2A_Tables: band VIS imported, elapsed time[s]: 25.586
Progress[%]: 26.65 : PID-57, L2A_Tables: band SCL imported, elapsed time[s]: 19.553
Progress[%]: 28.66 : PID-57, L2A_Tables: band DEM imported, elapsed time[s]: 51.421
Progress[%]: 30.19 : PID-57, L2A_Tables: band SDW imported, elapsed time[s]: 38.922
Progress[%]: 32.14 : PID-57, L2A_Tables: band SLP imported, elapsed time[s]: 49.651
Progress[%]: 33.82 : PID-57, L2A_Tables: band ASP imported, elapsed time[s]: 42.876
Progress[%]: 33.83 : PID-57, L2A_Tables: stop import, elapsed time[s]: 0.229
Progress[%]: 33.83 : PID-57, L2A_ProcessTile: start of Atmospheric Correction, elapsed time[s]: 0.019
Progress[%]: 100.00 : Application terminated successfully.

Note that there are no L2A_AtmCorr log messages, nor are there messages about exporting the bands. The only file in the GRANULE/T54HVH_20170414T003551/IMG_DATA/R10m directory of the output is .database.h5.

I have seen a couple of similar questions where the 10m bands did not process, but none where there was no error reported. If anyone has any ideas I would really appreciate it.

I am running it in an Ubuntu 16.04 environment.

Same problem here

does this comment help? Sen2Cor-02.05.05-win64 - AttributeError: 'L2A_Tables' Object has no attribute '_L2A_Tile_PVI_File'

Yes it does work like that, thank you

I have exactly the same problem, se my post here (i found this thread only afterwards…)

But the solution in the link didn’t work for me, even without specifying the --resolution parameter, only 60 and 20m are successfully processed, in the 10m folder i have a file called .database.h5. The logs tell me it terminated successfully, tough.

did you already find a solution for this wessm?

Yep, my problem was related to Memory. Apparently, during the writing of the 10m band images, sen2cor needs quite some memory (6-8GB according to my tests). Since I ran several tiles in parallel, even the 64GB RAM on our AWS server seems to be not enogh, and the OOM killer just kills some processes.

Why sen2cor still thinks it finished successfully I really don’t know. It might be related to the fact that I am running sen2cor in Docker, but still, apparently one of the sub-processes of sen2cor is killed, while the main process continues to run and thinks the writing of the image finished successfully. My current solution is to carefully watch the memory and not run too many tiles in parallel.

I guess this behaviour is somehow related to my setup (probably docker?), otherwise I think the design of sen2cor is really flawed…maybe someone else can comment on this?