Sen2cor in batch processing with command line

I am new to command line processing with SNAP and dont know much about it. Can some one please share a script how to use commad line processing for batch processing with sen2cor. I have almost 70 files to do this.


Have a look at this,


Also takeltelee a look at this exemple of GB, S1

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Another plenty of GB examples, just please use the search field of the STEP FORUM,

Thank you very much
Can anyone share script to do batch processing with sen2cor in linux?

Please take a look at this, read it carefully and you could do it yourself,

Creating a GPF Graph

Source :

This is the latest version of the first link @falahfakhri provided:

Sen2cor should be usable within a graph.
But you can script Sen2cor as any other application. Maybe someone else has an example script for it.


Thanks a lot. Did it !