Sen2cor: Level-2A meteadata error

Dear all,

I am trying to run Sen2cor (version 2.8.0) on the following scene:
and the following error message is occuring:

Schema file: S2-PDGS-TAS-DI-PSD-V14.5_Schema\S2_User_Product_Level-2A_Metadata.xsd
Details: Element ‘Aux_List’, attribute ‘productLevel’: [facet ‘enumeration’] The value ‘Level-2Ap’ is not an element of the set {‘Level-0’, ‘Level-1A’, ‘Level-1B’, ‘Level-1C’, ‘Level-2A’}"

Is this issue occuring because of an issue with the scene (as it is happening for quite a few scenes) or with my version of sen2cor?

Level-2Ap is a special (and quite rare) product type which was published only for a short time before the actual operation

Seems like sen2cor does not like such products. Please check if there is another product from the same date which was not processed like this (a ‘real’ L1C).

So will Sen2cor 2.8 struggle with all products produced before March 2018 over Europe.
Also how can i tell if a product will generate a level-2Ap product from the L1C metadata?

depending on where you download the images, you can set the product level as a filter.

Hi ABraun, I tried running the processor on a different scene and it looks like it has generated successfully however the file name has changed from the normal output.


As you can see the processing baseline number appears to have changed substantially. Is this an issue i should expect to see?

puh, I am not sure abut this. Maybe one of the sen2cor specialists can answer.

According to: Sen2Cor-02.08.00-Linux64 generates output with different naming convention (*_N9999_*)

“is not a bug, but a way to identify products generated in stand-alone mode”

and according to: Sentinel-2 L2A Processing Baseline number incorrect after running sen2cor
“to keep the actual processing baseline you need to set it manually with the --processing_baseline argument”


99.99 is the default. There is an option in the command line to change it, I believe.