sen2cor process results for one granule

Hello everyone,

I’m tryning to process a whole S2 scene using sen2cor but in the output L2A folder I got results only for a single granule (the first granule).

I also tried to run it for one granule, but the process has not even started.

Any ideas ?


If you ran into a file copy error, that is a known bug.
A possible workaround is at Workaround for sen2cor bug at resolution 10 m .

Thanks for your reply.

I’ll try the workaround.

if you want to make atmospheric correction only for one granule you can change names folder others granule (eg from S2A_OPER_MSI_L1C_TL_SGS__20160104T141459_A002793_T34UCF_N02.01 TO **`**S2A_OPER_MSI_L1C_TL_SGS__20160104T141459_A002793_T34UCF_N02.01 and leave original name granule what is interesting for you.


Hello moez.labiadh;

I have exactly the same problem. How did you solve it?