Sen2cor reflectance values

I am running sen2cor in a docker container. Its running successfully the only problem I have is the DN values on output images. They are in the range 1000 to 25000 more or less. This is strange to me, I was expecting values between 0 and 1. Also, when calculating indices such as NDVI I am getting unexpected results.

this was already discussed here:

It is basically because of storage reasons. The data is stored as integer but SNAP interprets it as floats (value divided by 10.000)

Hi Abraun, thank you for you reply. I thought the quantification value (10000) is only for L1C products. Sen2cor outputs are L2A products, which according to me are supposed to be ready to use without any further pre-processing.

The quantification value applies for both L1A and L1C. They can be processed within SNAP as floats but outside they need to divided by the quantification value.

Please someone correct me if I’m wrong.