Sentinel 1 land cover classification

collect sample areas and use them for training.
Please see here:

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Thanks a lot ABraun one last question how do you digitize polygons in SNAP? Is it the same as in Arcmap? how about points?

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points are called pins in SNAP

you can digitize them with this toolbar, it is quite intuitive

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can the enmap be used on sentinel-1 data classification?

Usefull information @ABraun

Is it now implemented`?

Iā€™m afraid no.

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I have version 6 but I did not find it and I did not know about version 7 but it seems it is not implemented there. Thanks for answer.

Did you not receive a notice about version 7 every time you check for updates? Anyway, version 8 is some weeks away not but you should try 7 too.

Thanks I will try it but Do you know it has SVM classifier or not?