Sentinel 1 processing

I installed snap and tried to pre-process the Sentinel 1 image. While doing Back geocoding, the slave image is not getting processed only the master image is coming… I suspect if there would have occurred any problem while installation. Kindly help me out

have you installed all internal updates?
Please check under Help > Check for Updates

Besides, you can use the SRTM 1Sec instead of 3Sec which has reportedly caused some errors before.

Here I go… Will check and let you know

i got is after doing what you said… Thank you ABraun

Could anybody help me with a stepwise procedure to carryout PSInSAR using Sentinel 1 and snap

this could be very good start, it is created by our colleague @thho (2.1 MB)

thank you so much… Will reply you after using it…

Additionally, you may want to try also this one announced here: Snap2stamps package: a free tool to automate the SNAP-StaMPS Workflow

Good processing!

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Thank you… Will try to explore it as well…

About the tutorial posted above, it is kind of outdated, for two reasons:

  1. here is the latest version of the PS processing (I decided to put it on github for better maintenance)
  2. Concerning preprocessing the tutorial is somehow fine, concerning StaMPS (I don’t know if you will use it) it describes an older version as available, but changes are minor and easy to transfer.

Hope you’ll enjoy it


thank you for your insights…

I applied the orbit file then did back geocoding to stack the files. Now i am trying to compute interferogram and deburst together in a graph… I couldnt find it running… I mean the progress tab is not found in the graph to visualize how much percent has been accomplished. If i open the file created within few seconds i could only see the first strip of the TOPS split image. Can someone help me out?

Would you please to add screenshot,