Sentinel 1 - Sentinel 2 Fusion for CVA

Hi all, I am new here (FORUM) and new at Radar!!

I want to do Change Vector Analysis using Sentinel 1 and Sentinel 2 data. I use Sentinel 1 SLC, IW, with double polarization (VV-VH) and Sentinel 2 LVL 2 products.
From S-1 i want to extract amplitude images (VV-VH), variance texture images (VV-VH), contrast texture images (VV-VH).
What I have done so far is shown below:
1)Calibration (Complex Output, with sigma0)
2)Thermal Noise Removal (Remove Thermal Noise)
3)TOPSAR Deburst
4)Speckle Filtering (Refined Lee)
5)Multilook Parametrization
6)Grey Level Co-Occurence Matrix
7)Resampling (10x10)
8)SLC to GRD

Is this flowchart correct? The methodology was taken from this paper “Fusion of Sentinel-1A and Sentinel-2A data for land cover mapping: a case study in the lower Magdalena region, Colombia”.

Also, for step 5, I have choose GR square pixel, No of Range looks=4, no of azimuth=1 and Mean square GR pixel size=14.3. My question is, after choosing those parameters will I be able to make Resampling with pixel size 10*10 (step 7 of the above methodology)?

Thank you.

If you are simply retrieving image texture you can as well use the GRD images instead of SLC and simply apply the calibration (to Sigma0, no complex output), texture derivation and terrain correction. With GRD there is no need for debursting, multi-looking, resampling.

Also, filtering ruings much of the texture you are expecting to get so I would skip that as well.

See this post for details: Radiometric & Geometric Correction Workflow

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OK… But from GRD products could I extract 1) Contrast Texture Image, 2)Variance Texture Image and 3) Amplitude Image? And how is this possible?

All of this is possible with GRD, please see the link above.

I want to overlay sentinel 1 and sentinel 2A in order to create a graph ndvi=f(vh,vv) of a vegetetion zone, I did resampling of the two images but I have problem in openning them in snap. I need your help.thank you

Please don’t post the same question in various topics: Overlay two images of sentinel 1 and sentinel 2