Sentinel 1 supervised classification


I am new to study of polarimetric analysis.

I have sentinel 1 SLC and GRD both data sets for my study area.

subset for the study area using Land sea mask has done over GRD data.

I am confused to understand the processing steps for SLC data.

How to perform supervised classification analysis for Level-1 (Urban Settlement, waterbody, Barren land, Forest, Agriculture) to find change detection statistics. please let me know the processing steps.

Is SLC data need to be used or GRD data has to be used ?

SLC-processing has a steep learning curve. If I were you I would start with dual-pol GRD:s and move to SLC-processing after you’ve familiarised yourself with SNAP and classification.

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Dear Mengdhal,

Thanks for your response,

could you provide the steps to be performed over GRD and SLC for y requirement either in tutorial format or in any other format.

I have Dualpol data for both SLC and GRD. I am just waiting for instructions to be followed…

Hello I work about the some projet

the preprocessing you need for product are here Radiometric & Geometric Correction Workflow
and classification is here Classification of GRD product