Sentinel-2 Level 2 Data using Sen2Cor


I want to process several years data with Sen2Cor. I want to use the newest version of Sen2Cor that now is v2.8.0. However, when trying to use it (via command line), it does not read the processing baseline and then gives it 99.99. I inputted the baseline number of an image to file myself, however, this is not very convenient to do if I want to process many images and they have different baseline numbers. Is there a more convenient workaround for this?
Also, does this (Sen2Cor not reading product baseline) affect the quality of a Level 2 product or no?

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Hello @dalgre

The 99.99 notation is provided by Sen2Cor to discriminate User-produced products from PDGS-produced ones.



S2 MPC Operations Manager

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