Sentinel 2 long term archive

I haven’t so much got a question about the toolbox of Sentinel 2, but rather the download of imagery. I need images that are placed in the long term archive. Requesting goes fine (although just being able to request one image at a time is pain). But then after a while, the status always says ‘failed’. How to solve?

The official channel to request support on Sentinel data and services can be found on Sentinel Online Portal.

This doesn’t exclude that some member from the community is able to give a reply to the question.
As you so well indicate this forum is for the SNAP and related Toolboxes not the Sentinel data generation and distribution for which the official channel above exists.

I’m not sure if this is maybe covered here: ESA Copernicus data access - Long Term Archive and its drawbacks

Thanks. In that thread I read that the images can still be downloaded with USGS EarthExplorer. I just tried and that seems to work. That’s a bit insane, but at least I can continue to work.

Although I can only download Tiff files from there, that is not enough. I’ve mailed support. Thank for your answers.

You might be able to get Sentinel-2 L2A products without delay from GoogleCloud - start browsing here :

It doesn’t cover all combinations of date/site but the archive is not subject to any LTA.

Thanks, but I need L1C products for the C2RCC algorithm. Also, I’m a newbie and need a GUI for selection.

They have a problem with the long term archive at the moment, they are working on it.

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Ah, I see! Hopefully they fix it soon

L1C tiles are here Good luck with the GUI!

It’s fixed now)

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Great news.