Sentinel Phase to displacement units

thanks Abraun.
It had troubled while making a stack of 32 images so i break them in three stacks and planed to merge them after stamps export.
I have created 3 coregistration stacks for 2016(8),2017 (12)and 2018(12) images with single master (9/9/2017)
Steps taken are:
split; apply orb; backgeocoding; added LAT LON bands using bandmath; deburst ; subset
Final product: 1. subset_master_stack_2016_deb
and then intefer;topo_phase_removal; add elevation band
Final product:1. subset_master_2016_deb_ifg_dinsar

Although i have not got all these products yet i mentioned here my plan of flow to go further.
Trying backgeocoding for single stack of 32 images also. Will update this progress also.

Screen shots i shared are the result of stamps export of 2016(8)stack.

Are you working with dual polarizations? You can only use once for PS InSAR anyway so I recommend to select VV in the Split step and continue with this band only.
I cannot tell if this is the reason for the error however.
Another thing that can be shortened is the creation of lat/lon bands by band maths. If you check it in the interferogram step, they are automatically created in the exact format that is needed for the export.


Finally, if you really want to go sure to have the data prepared correctly, I can highly recommend the Snap2stamps package: a free tool to automate the SNAP-StaMPS Workflow
It basically performs all required steps in an automated and structured way: coregistering multiple slaves against one master and creates an interferogram which is then debursted.

yes Abraun its single burst IW3 VV polarization. Now i got 32 image stack interferogram result with Coherence range ans azimuth window size as 20 and 5. But processed products (Ifg and coherence are not opening) giving java error shown in screen shot.

Maybe from the subsetting? I don’t have an idea, sorry. Based on the error message alone, it could be anything. It is not related to anything SAR specific but just a generic Java message.