SLC - converting

Hello to all in this community,

I have a question related to the Sentinel-1 data.

I would really like to know, if there is a possibility to create sub-looks with the Level-1 products which means that I have Single Look Complex images.

I would like to see differences in this SLC-Images and I´m currently stuck.

Thank you very much in advance, appreciate it.


It’s not quite clear to me what you mean by ‘sub-looks’.

If you mean subsets, as smaller parts of the whole image, you can use the TOPSAR Split module to define the swath and bursts.
Please also see here:

Thanks for the response…what I would like to know, if it is possible, to convert the SLC data into a Multilook image (in case this makes more sense)

I would like to see different time steps within this image, to detect movement…this should be possible according to papers but I´m not sure how to approach it

Sub-look processing is not supported in the S1TBX . Normally people do this starting from Level-0 raw data which we don’t support either (we have no SAR focusing module to deal with raw data). In principle you should be able to do sub-looks starting from the SLC and going back to raw data (SAR focusing is in theory a reversible operation)., but S1TBX cannot do it for you.