SNAP 6.0 version Terrain Correction Tool Error

I am trying to apply terrain correction over a Sentinel-1 image which is preprocessed as follows: Apply orbit files- Calibration-Multilooking-Speckle filtering- Range Doppler Terrain Correction. While all other processes are giving satisfying results only Terrain Corrected Image is blank with NaN values. I have already subset the image and size is small. My system is a 64 Bit operating system with 8GB RAM. I have earlier processed the same image in this system with no problem at all. Just I had to install the latest version again and this problem occurred since then. Please help.

there was a problem with the SRTM download. Have you installed all updates (menu > help > check for updates)?

Yes i have updated all the plugins and yet the result is same a blank image.

did you check all of these points?

I was able to get the results after changing SRTM DEM from 3Sec to 1sec. I think it was having proble to auto download SRTM 3sec DEM. Thanks a lot for your suggestions and support.


I am working on the latest version of SNAP today, and I have the same problem. I applied the advice you said but I get a blank image as a result.

I have done this for several images (all Sentinel 1 images), and the DEM loads fine. I don’t know if it’s the image I’m using that is the problem. Until the Speckle Filtering step (so after calibration), I always get an image.

Could you help me?