Snap 7 hangs on macos

I’ve just have installed SNAP 7 on my mac os but the program once opened it hangs.
This is the message log: messages.log.2 (91.6 KB)

Help me please !!

From your log file, I see it is not SNAP in general which hangs but that you can’t apply an orbit file.

Since monday evening there is a big load on our server. Many downloads keep our server busy. Probably someone started his cluster and now a lot of data is downloaded. Makes the download of auxdata problematic, also updating SNAP is currently not possible.
We are aware of this problem but don’t have a solution for it yet.
Maybe, we need to kill the download requests.

Just as a reminder for all who are using SNAP on a cluster and docker images, here is a slide I showed at the last LivingPlanet in Milan.

For example, the auxdata directory is for located at <USER_DIR>/.snap/auxdata/watermask
Additionally, the following property snap.gpf.allowAuxdataDownload should be set to false:

This can be done in the file. This file is located in the etc directory of the SNAP installation folder.


Alternatively, the property can be added to the gpt command-line call, as follows

gpt -Dsnap.gpf.allowAuxdataDownload=false …

The location, of DEM files can be configured in the file.
If the data is found by SNAP in these locations nothing is downloaded.


Hi @marpet,

I’ve run the SNAP 7’s StampsExport operator with AuxdataDownload turned off like this:

gpt -Dsnap.gpf.allowAuxdataDownload=false StampsExport… 

but gpt still attempts to download SRTM DEM tiles:

INFO: org.esa.snap.core.dataop.dem.ElevationFile: http retrieving

I think this is a bug, because SRTM should not needed at all for the StampsExport.
Do you have any suggestions? Thank you

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