SNAP batch processing does not work for multiple products


I am using SNAP to process some SAR satellite products. Since they are quite numerous and I am doing the same task over and over I was wondering if I could use batch processing to create a graph and then use that graph to apply the same processing task to different products. The thought is simple and it seem it would work but unfortunately every time I load a product and try to apply the batch processing it processes the initial product I made the graph for. It’s like loading the initial product even if I change the input.
I am actually performing a manual subsetting of the product (I cannot automate this since it’s coordinate dependent) and then apply the process.

Am I missing something here? It’s not possible to use the same graph on different product?


It is nice to try and automate a process which is repetitive. What kind of SAR processing are you trying to automate?
What are you trying to achieve?

You can have a look on the following post: Slower snappy processing

In the link above, You will see the graph that was created for automating the InSAR process. Below the graph, the same process has been applied using python snappy.

I do not know if this is something you have in mind.

Nothing special. In fact it was very similar to the video tutorial about graph and batch processing I think.

As I mentioned I have some SAR satellite images which

  1. I first crop to degree dependent of the content and the coordinates (so it cannot be automated I think)
  2. Apply calibration
  3. Apply single speckle filtering using refined Lee filter
  4. Apply Linear to/From dB transformation.

And I want to automate the last 3 steps (2-4) so it would be easier for me (and less tedious job) and also as a guarantee that I won’t miss a step (as it’s possible in repeating mechanical tasks).

I will check the post and let you know.

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That’s how batch-processing is supposed to work. I’m not sure why you are experiencing problems with it.

@mengdahl if that’s supposed how it should work I couldn’t manage to make it this way. As I mentioned the problem is that somehow “remembers” a specific product and when apply the graph on to a different product it does not work on that product but rather on the one it “remembers” (the one that was loaded when the graph was designed).

i have this problem too. if you found a solution comment hear