Hello to everyone.

I have opened an S2 image and after a simple editing, I want to export the file as “geotiff”. The problem I have is that I read reflectance values with SNAP, but when I open the file with other software (ERDAS,ENVI etc.) I can see only RGB images with no information abut reflectance values.

I’d like to know how to save or export the new images in order to “transfer” the information of reflectance values, and make new editing etc.

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Which S2 product do you use?

S2_L1C or S2_ L2A?

There are different ways in SNAP, could be applied to export bands or image,

Aftermath creating RGB, right click on the RGB open window, and select Export view as image-------> Select Geotiff

Optical----->Bands Extractor,


Also, it is possible to Extract the Pixel Values

You could extract any band and save it as *.tif

Opining the product in other software, any product from SNAP, saved as dimp, has two items,


Opening the folder you could find the three items,


.*img product could be opened in any other software

Thank you very much for yuor quick answer. I have tried all these solutions, but unfortunately no reflectance values are seen. You can see a snapshot. I use S2_L1C images. Any ideas please?

S2 is stored as integer.
Outside SNAP you have to apply the quantification value to get decimal values, usually divide by 10000.

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Thank you very much again!!! I think it is ok now!