SNAP not reading the zipped file from sentinel 1

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I downloaded a file, from sentinel 1, see below for the file name :

I looked everywhere but could not find a solution, usually in the instructions, they say just to open the file or drag and drop the zipped file, but they are generating the same error : “No appropriate product reader found. File (filename) can not be opened.”

Anyone can help please ?

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Maybe it wasn’t fully downloaded?
How large is the zip file?
You can unzip it to test if an error occurs in the extraction which would also indicate an incomplete file

As @abraun mentioned, the archive may be corrupt. Command-line zip archive tools such as 7z have a “test” option:

PS> 7z t 

is faster than trying to unzip the file with a GUI (7z does have a GUI file manager interface, but that doesn’t provide the “test archive integrity” capability).


It worked, it turned out that the SNAP version I downloaded was the wrong or an old one. After I downloaded the new version it is working, but I have a different problem now, when Applying the DEM (SRTM 3Sec autodownload), to apply it to the image, it is taking for ever (I waited around 24 hours), and then SNAP crushes, when I click on “cancel writing target product”. Any suggestion for a faster solution ?

Many thanks in advance.

Always search before posting. If you had searched the forums for something like SRTM 3Sec download you should have found find many similar posts and a suggested workaround.

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I agree, please have a look at this topic for a solution: SRTM ZIP-files are corrupted or not found

Many thanks Guys, I actually looked, but it seems I did not look enough, for sure not in the forum, I googled the problem, but did not get the right solution. I will try to see if the suggestion above will work.

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Hi Guys,

Out of curiosity, do you have any idea how much time it takes for the DEM to be applied ? So I don’t wait for ever, before I look for another solution. The solution proposed by ABraun above is also taking time.

Many thanks in advance

We hope to fix it with the next update, but switching to SRTM 1Sec (AutoDownload) or simply manually changing the line in the aux file should take way less time compared to waiting for an update.