SNAP Wish List

Dear SNAP developers.

I think it is worth to make a wish list of ways to make SNAP more user friendly. I am not sure if the same issues appear for Mac and PC users. Anyway, here goes:

Shortcut Keys please

  1. ESC - to quit current menu
  2. type a letter while browsing in a folder to jump to that letter instead of cumbersome scroll down and point to small area in gui
  3. CNTL-O - open a product. I (mac user) presently have to use mouse to reach and point to a small area on the GUI
  4. fn-down_arrow (or end) - jump to the bottom of a window when browsing for a file




Just to recap other improvements for SNAP that could be great and to put all the suggestiosn together.


it would be nice also:
-to have pixel values info displaied next to coordinate while navigating in the window…
-to have the PAN functionality when keeping left-mouse button pressed and moving it through the image
-to have a “full-extent view” button more visible, just next to the pan and zoom icons. Now it is in the navigation tab, so not very practical if that tab is not active…

to be updated…