Stack of coregistered Amplitude and coherences

i’m pretty new in thi blog, but i’m using SNAP since a couple of years.
My question is:
is there any way to create a Stack of coregistered amplitude and cohrences (starting from a stack of Interferometric SLC IW S1 images)?
The problem is that i need to extract coherences from adjacent in time images, that means that the master of all the stack is fixed while the master of every coherence is changing.
Thanks in adance

If all images were co-registered against the same master (AB, AC, AD,…) you can simply use Radar > Coregistration > Stack Tools > Stack

Hi ABraun,
thank you for the answer.
I’ll try to be more precise:
If i extract coherence couple by couple (e.g. 1-2, 2-3,…) i’ll have at the end data and coherences coregistered to the single master of each couple. On the contrary i need to have all amplitudes and their extracted coherences, coregistered to one master (i call it the super master), that is the master of just one couple.

I asked the same thing here: Interferogram averaging for DEM generation
Some work-arounds are presented as well.

Many Thanks it helped me a lot.
Now i Can generate a stack of TOPSAR data all coregistered to one master. Still i’d need to obtain coherences 1-2,2-3 all coregistered to 1…any suggestion?

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