Stripes or lines seen in displacement map

Hi all,
After obtaining a deformation map, I see parallel stripes, which seems odd, and might affect my results. So is this normal? And most importantly, how do I remove these?

Hi @shishir.manandhar, sorry for bothering you. I also face this problem, do you have any solution now?

which data did you use?

Would you please to share screenshot of your results,

Hi @falahfakhri,
I used the S1B data and the interest area is the northern part of Taiwan.
The following figure is the result of displacement

BTW, I also used the S1A data, but it doesn’t have this problem as usual as S1B.

Are these strips available in the original image? After the step of deburst, did you notice any of them?

Did you apply ESD Step?

Did you follow these steps,

1- Split, Select where is your AOI in which subswath IW1-IW2-IW3,
2- Apply orbit,
3- Back geocoding
4- Apply ESD
5- Create an Interfogram
6- Deburst
7- Goldenstein Phase Filtering
8- Multilooking
9- Phase Unwrapping by selecting (TOPO In case of DEM creation Or DEFO in case of Displacement Interferogram creation) mode and and MCF, in the step of the SNAPHU EXPORT
10- Phase to elevation (In DEM case) Or (Phase to Displacement)
11- Range doppler terrain correction.

Really appreciate for your so detailed interpretation. These strips are not available in the original image.
I have applied ESD step, but I didn’t apply Multilooking step. Is it necessary? Or can significantly improve the results?
I found that the strips might appear in the image due to subswaths merge. The strips seem like the boundary between IW2 and IW3; is there any solution to remove it?

It’s not necessarily apply multilook, but basically, getting squared pixels or/and resample to a lower resolution. Also please take a look at this post about multilook,

Source of the post

In this case the solution is, slice assembling, it should be done beforehand, in order to merge subswath, later on continue without your processing,

Hi @falahfakhri,
I thought that “slice assembly” is for merging images/slices, on the other hand, “merge” is for merging subswaths. So, can “slice assembly” also merge the subswaths?

It is created particularly to the purpose of TOPSAR-merging subswaths (IWs) of the same image.

However in case your AOI, is covered by multi products, in this case please take a look at this solution, in this post,

Source of the post

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OK, I know that! Really appreciate your help!!!