Sub setting before atmospheric correction by sen2cor

As I found Sen2Cor is searching for the correct product name string containg S2?_MSIL1C*.SAFE.
How could I before using sen2core, apply sub setting on data? It means after subsetting, how could I convert subset data to *.SAFE. as input of sen2cor?
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That’s not possible. You need to process the whole scene first and do the subset afterwards.

This has been already discussed here:

and here:

I’m not even sure that sen2cor could handle a smaller S2 L1C file, even if it is properly written as SAFE format.

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Thanks for your replying.

Hello to all.
I downloaded the Sentinel-2 image as a single band from the Earth Engine, but these images were not atmospheric corrections due to their age. How can I correct these single images that are single-band atmospheres?
I did this on the Earth Engine, I did not get the desired accuracy.

if you want atmospheric corrected Sentinel-2 data you have to dowload the full L1C products and apply sen2cor, MAJA, iCor, or other tools

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Thanks a lot, dear @ABraun.