TanDEM-X bistatic CoSSCs error in SNAP

No, they are the same, too noise. The tanDEM-X can not use the Thermal Noise option, they are not available.
So what do you suggestion? apply the speckle after Terrain Correction?

yes, filtering could reduce this effect.

After calibration and terrain Correction, sometime the data chop of the side (I think the canvas donot big
enough when they geocoding)
I can provide example snapshot, can I send to you link on your private mail?

you can post screenshots in here.

Quick look that is original data and the right is after calibrate and terrain correction, you can see at bottom they cut straight and put somewhere on the left

I upload the snapshot, do you get it?

switch to the color manipulation tab to adjust the contrast and use the pixel information tab to see if there are values in the black pixels or not.
You can make a subset to clip the data that was erroneously created in the lower part.