Terrain Correction wall

I am preprocessing Sentinel 1 SAR imagery in the newest version of SNAP, I have been running through the process of Apply Orbit File, Thermal Noise Removal, Border Noise Removal, Calibration, and the Terrain Correction. It has all been going smoothly with my first two study areas CAR and Brazil but when I try to run terrain correction on any image from Peru it suddenly doesn’t work. There are no errors, the loading bar appears and makes it a quarter of the way through and then stops and never finishes, I have left it “running” for over 24 hours to see if it was just especially slow. I have checked the metadata and compared all the images and they all seem to be the same. I can’t think of why the only difference between the images is the location that would cause it to not work.

This has been reported and solved here: SRTM ZIP-files are corrupted or not found

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